Revit MEP – Advance

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Duration 30 hours

Date Range 05.11.2023 - 19.11.2023

Price 100$

Course Information


This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to create MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) families in building information modeling (BIM) software. Participants will learn how to develop custom families that accurately represent MEP components such as HVAC equipment, electrical fixtures, and plumbing fixtures. Through a combination of theoretical instruction and hands-on exercises, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques involved in creating MEP families.


This course aims to enhance participants’ understanding of MEP families by covering fundamental concepts and principles, such as their purpose, structure, and parameters. Additionally, participants will develop the skills to create flexible parametric families and custom content for various MEP components. you will also learn industry standards and best practices, including optimizing family performance and collaborating with other disciplines for seamless integration within building design.



  • Electrical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • plumbing engineers
(students and engineers )



  • Family Concepts & Techniques
  • Introduction to creating family
  • Creating the parametric framework
  • Creating family elements
  • Additional tools for families
  • Creating family types
  • Visibility display settings
  • Overview of Family Creation
  • Creating a Heat Pump family (Mechanical HVAC family)
  • Creating specific families
  • Creating annotation families
  • Working with shared parameters

Creating MEP-specific families

  • Add connector to Arch Plumbing fixtures. (Plumbing family)
  • Creating custom lighting fixture family (Electrical lighting family)
  • Creating a Data Device with annotation parameters (Electrical low-current family)