Revit Architecture – Advance

Trainer NameN/A

Location Online

Duration 30 hours

Date Range 05.11.2023 - 19.11.2023

Course Information


In this course, architects and designers will learn how to efficiently use Autodesk Revit Architecture, a powerful BIM engine, for project design. 
The course will cover various topics such as creating and modifying mass elements, applying walls, roofs, and floors, space planning using rooms and areas, rendering and lighting concepts, and setting up worksets. 
Participants will also gain knowledge in creating perspectives, walkthroughs, and solar studies. By the end of the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively utilize Autodesk Revit Architecture for architectural design projects.


This course aims to enhance your collaboration skills and proficiency in design software such as Revit and CAD, leading to increased productivity. Additionally, you will acquire knowledge on creating design concepts using massing studies, space planning, and visualization techniques. Moreover, the course will equip you with the ability to generate custom design elements and family types.


  • Architects
  • Interior designers
(students and engineers )


  • Massing Studies

Overview of Massing Studies
Placing Mass Elements
Creating Conceptual Massing
Setting Work Planes
Creating Mass Forms
Dynamic Editing for Conceptual Massing
Working with Profiles and Edges
From Massing to Building.
Space Planning & Area Analysis
Space Planning
Area Analysis
Creating Color Schemes.


Creating Walkthroughs
Exploded Views
Solar Studies.


Basic Rendering
Working with Lighting
Enhancing Renderings.
Advanced Conceptual Mass Families
Conceptual Mass Families

Family Concepts & Techniques

Family Types
Host vs. Stand-alone Families
Family Editor
Creating Parametric Framework
Setting up Reference Planes/Lines
Adding Dimensions
Flexing Geometry
Creating 3D Elements

Additional Tools: Aligning , Locking, Controls, Openings, Lines, Text- Adding Components -Visibility Display Settings- Locating Custom Family Files.

Practice-Bookcase Creating Specific Families
Creating In Place Families
Creating Profiles
Creating Annotation Families
Working with Shared & Project Parameters
Practice -Door Opening

Creating Architectural-Specific Families

Creating Custom Doors and Windows
Starting from an Existing Family
Starting from a New Template
Creating Custom Railings
Creating Rail Profile Families
Creating Baluster, Post, and Panel Families.

Creating Project Phases

Define Design Options

Project Team Collaboration

Introduction to Worksets
Opening and Saving Workset Related Projects
Working in Workset Related Projects
Visibility and Display Options with Worksharing
Worksharing and Linked Models
Setting Up Worksets.