Trainer NameN/A

Location N/A

Duration 30 hours

Date Range 05.11.2023 - 19.11.2023

Course Information


In this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to confidently create professional 2D drawings using AutoCAD. Whether you are an aspiring architect, engineer, or designer, this course will equip you with the necessary tools to succeed in your field.


The main objective of this course is to provide the student an education in how to utilize computer software necessary to function as a CAD draftsperson. The student will learn how to manage numerous elements on the same drawing using layers, commands, and tools.

  • Enable participants to create detailed 2D drawings that mainly include architectural plans, sections, and elevations.
  • Learn the basic concepts and features of AutoCAD.
  • Familiarity with the program’s tools and techniques.
  • Acquisition of good skills in architectural design and drawing.
  • Acquiring the skill of dealing with measurement systems.
  • Enable participants to draw architectural and interior plans.
  • Enable the participants to draw the heights and sections and determine the dimensions.


  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Structural and Civil engineers
  • Surveyors’ engineers
  • Industrial engineers
(students and engineers )


  • Introduction
    • Learning about the user interface of AutoCAD, such as panels, ribbon, model space, etc
    • Learning basic drawing tools
  • Basic Drawing Skills
    • Navigating 2D Drawings, Drawing Lines and Rectangles, Canceling, Erasing, and Undoing
    • Understanding the concept of drawing a toolbar
    • Learning about line command, polyline command circle command and Arc command
    • Using Coordinate Systems
  • Using drawings Aid
    • Grid and Snap
    • Ortho and Polar Tracking
    • Polar Snap and Running Object Snaps
    • From Snap and Object Snap Tracking
  • Editing
    • Creating Selection Sets
    • Move and Copy, Rotate and Scale, and Working with Arrays
    • Trim and Extend, Lengthen and Stretch, Offset and Mirror
    • Grip Editing
  • Shaping Curves
    • Drawing and Editing Curved Polylines and Drawing Ellipses
    • Drawing and Editing Splines
    • Blending Between Objects with Splines
  • Controlling Object Visibility and Appearance:
    • Changing Object Properties
    • Organizing drawing objects in layers
    • Setting the Current Layer, Altering Objects’ Layer Assignments
    • Controlling Layer Visibility
    • Applying Line type, Assigning and Managing Layer Properties
  • Geometric Constructions:
    • Point commands
    • Ray commands
    • X-LINE commands
  • Hatching and Gradients:
    • Specifying Hatch Areas
    • Associating Hatches with Boundaries
    • Hatching with Patterns, Hatching with Gradients
  • Creating and Editing Text:
    • Creating Text Styles
    • Transforming and Creating Text
    • Writing and Formatting Paragraphs of Text using M-TEXT
    • Editing Text
  • . Dimensioning:
    • Styling Dimensions
    • Adding Dimensions
    • Editing Dimensions
  • Working with Layouts and Annotative Objects:
    • Creating Annotative Styles and Objects
    • Creating Layouts and Adjusting Floating Viewports
    • Overriding Layer Properties in Layout Viewports, Drawing on Layouts
  • Printing and Plotting:
    • Configuring Output Devices
    • Creating Plot Style Tables
    • Using Plot Style Tables