Personnel Standard Package

Personnel Standard Package

Absence/Leave Management: HITS leave management module is responsible for administering, monitoring & tracking employees’ vacations easily & accurately as per the organization’s policy and country law. Providing unlimited number of customizable vacation types and vacation packages in order to cope with your business rules. There’s a seamless integration between HITS leave management module and payroll & general ledger interface modules.

Time Attendance Management: “This module provides entirely customizable time rules; it can be configured to handle the most sophisticated time shifts; such as over-night shifts, split shifts, and more. There’s a seamless integration between the Time Management system and the payroll & leave management modules. It can integrate easily with most of machines’ databases (finger-print, magnetic cards, or proximity technology). It also can handle supports “over and short time workflow permission with a seamless integration with the payroll module. “

HITS Smart Attendance Solution: Through HITS smart attendance Face recognition solution, now you can transform your windows 8 tablet into smart attendance that automatically sync from any gate the in/out data into HITS DNA online or offline, via consolidated database for all attendance readings in addition to online comparison with predefined roasters and generate Ad-hoc business action with electronic workflow to post proper action into HITS Online.

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