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HITS is a Comprehensive Human Resources Management system that helps you to efficiently manage, plan, develop and acquire various HR/Payroff activities: along with optimizing and maximizing Human Resources utilization: the most valuable and effective asset in an organization. It is extremely easy. customizable, informative, dynamic, flexible reactive, integrative, and intelligent, it thinks globally and perceives any culture.


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    HR Foundation

    Profile data, Jobs, Organization Structure, Grades, HR status : Freeing your human resources (HR) staff from time-consuming administrative tasks via HITS. HITS HCM foundation bundle can help you manage HR key processes, draw your organization structure, standardize and consolidate global data – for improved productivity and greater business value. Gain greater efficiency with HR shared services. Minimize disruption and extend your HR processes to all your employees.

    Compensation Package:



    HITS payroll provides users with the capability of running many different payrolls, each may have its different criteria of rules and supporting cost center allocations. HITS Payroll is proven in many cultures in many countries. You can get or generate all the government forms needed as per the required payroll forms. HITS Payroll supports auto gross up for employees whose Employment agreements were based on net salaries in any currency. HITS payroll supports Auto Tax Reconciliation and also provides multi-currency methodology. It can handle multiple pay-runs per month. It offers transferring the employees’ salary automatically to the bank and also to link the HR financial processes with the back office system which facilitate the link between the HR system and the financial one in your organization.

    Benefits Management

    HITS Benefit Management module controls the employees benefits for many plans. You can define your own programs and plans with different options. Define the eligibility rules so that you can control the using and utilization of the benefits with a seamless integration with payroll module.

    Personnel Standard Package:

    Absence/Leave Management

    HITS leave management module is responsible for administering, monitoring & tracking employees’ vacations easily & accurately as per the organization’s policy and country law. Providing unlimited number of customizable vacation types and vacation packages in order to cope with your business rules. There’s a seamless integration between HITS leave management module and payroll & general ledger interface modules.

    Time Attendance Management

    "This module provides entirely customizable time rules; it can be configured to handle the most sophisticated time shifts; such as over-night shifts, split shifts, and more. There’s a seamless integration between the Time Management system and the payroll & leave management modules. It can integrate easily with most of machines’ databases (finger-print, magnetic cards, or proximity technology). It also can handle supports “over and short time workflow permission with a seamless integration with the payroll module. “

    HITS Smart Attendance Solution

    Through HITS smart attendance Face recognition solution, now you can transform your windows 8 tablet into smart attendance that automatically sync from any gate the in/out data into HITS DNA online or offline, via consolidated database for all attendance readings in addition to online comparison with predefined roasters and generate Ad-hoc business action with electronic workflow to post proper action into HITS Online

    Employees Development Package:

    Training Administration:

    * Define Courses and Training Catalogues
    * Integration with Employee’s Competencies           and employees appraisal module
    * Training Budget & Cost
    * Unmatched Training Reports
    * Online Training Workflow
    * Online E-Training Services
    * Online Training Enrollment & Attendance per Session


    Performance Appraisal + MBO: An App

    raisal system that enables you evaluate employees' performance based on Competencies and the Management by objectives (MBO), so you can create any number of user defined appraisal templates to evaluate user-defined competency. Create your own forms easily, and use them to record the entire appraisal done to each employee including the results and recommendations and update it online easily. Also the department heads can set objectives to their staff with different weights then they can put the achievement amount for each objective. The result could be based on combination of competencies and objectives result with different weights. The KPI calculated could be imported via excel to affect other functions such as payroll.

    Recruitment Management:

    "Recruitment management is the optimum solution for the properties that are keen to keep all the information about the applicant or candidates for recruitment processing.
    *Keeping Rich Applicants’ Database
    * Tailor your Application Form
    * Integration with Competencies"

    Career Path and Succession Plan:

    Career Path and Succession Plan is an unmatched tool to graphically view the career path of each employee. Decide easily the required to develop each employee in his/her current position or the required for another position

    Advanced Package


    HITS HCM Alerting Utility is a confidential, secure environment where employees and managers and HR professionals may obtain new information, updated news, corporate information, and policies. With Alerting utility, employees can feel more at ease via accessing the data by convenient Emails alerts or mobile SMS.

    HR Analyzer

    Managers and decision makers need increasingly robust online analysis and workforce information to run business strategically. HITS HCM Decision Support System (DSS), which is based on OLAP technology, delivers fast and online meaningful information, to help you manage your HR strategically. This module uses MS Excel as a front end to show reports.

    Self Service & Workflow

    It helps provide your staff with the personalized, accurate information they need to create and update their own HR records, allow employees answer their own HR questions often in two clicks or less. Also it helps keep the staff up-to-date with company policies and fully understand their right and duties.

    Mobile App: It enables users to access HITS application through their mobile phones whether either iOS, or Android; and since it's connected with system database, the information you'll access is always up-to-date. HITS mobile app allows workers to submit requests for time permission, vacation request, pay slip... and more. It also provides managers with the insights they need to make decisions quickly to increase efficiency and response times when you are on the go.

    Add-Ons (Culture, Generic, Business Specific)

    Misconduct/Penalties Mgmt

    Misconduct Management is responsible for tracking and recording facts related to employees’ behavior and attitude to trace to which extent it complies with company’s policy & procedures.

    Health and Medical Expenses Management

    This Module helps you record employees’ medical records. You can get complete analysis about the employees’ medical expenses as well as the injuries and medical statistics that are required by your company as well as some governmental organizations.

    Employees Document Tracking

    HITS HR DNA Document Management professionally records and tracks employees' various kinds of documents. It provides detailed information about employees’ documents, including the expiration dates; so that you can take the necessary action in advance avoiding the problems of late documents renovation. In addition, with HITS HR DNA Document Management you can scan employees’ documents from scanners or attach them from files directly into the system database. Users, moreover; can manage documents for both employees & applicants.

    Employees Asset Management

    HITS HR DNA Asset Managementis responsible for tracking and recording the employees'  housing units such as; rooms. Also it includes details about Consignment units taken by each employee. Hence this