Employees Development Package

Employees Development Package

Training Administration:

* Define Courses and Training Catalogues

* Integration with Employee’s Competencies and employees appraisal module

* Training Budget & Cost

* Unmatched Training Reports

* Online Training Workflow

* Online E-Training Services

* Online Training Enrollment & Attendance per Session


Performance Appraisal + MBO: An Appraisal system that enables you evaluate employees’ performance based on Competencies and the Management by objectives (MBO), so you can create any number of user defined appraisal templates to evaluate user-defined competency. Create your own forms easily, and use them to record the entire appraisal done to each employee including the results and recommendations and update it online easily. Also the department heads can set objectives to their staff with different weights then they can put the achievement amount for each objective. The result could be based on combination of competencies and objectives result with different weights. The KPI calculated could be imported via excel to affect other functions such as payroll.

Recruitment Management: “Recruitment management is the optimum solution for the properties that are keen to keep all the information about the applicant or candidates for recruitment processing.

*Keeping Rich Applicants’ Database

* Tailor your Application Form

* Integration with Competencies”


Career Path and Succession Plan: Career Path and Succession Plan is an unmatched tool to graphically view the career path of each employee. Decide easily the required to develop each employee in his/her current position or the required for another position

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