Advanced Package

Advanced Package

Alerting:HITS HCM Alerting Utility is a confidential, secure environment where employees and managers and HR professionals may obtain new information, updated news, corporate information, and policies. With Alerting utility, employees can feel more at ease via accessing the data by convenient Emails alerts or mobile SMS.

HR Analyzer: Managers and decision makers need increasingly robust online analysis and workforce information to run business strategically. HITS HCM Decision Support System (DSS), which is based on OLAP technology, delivers fast and online meaningful information, to help you manage your HR strategically. This module uses MS Excel as a front end to show reports.

Self Service & Workflow: It helps provide your staff with the personalized, accurate information they need to create and update their own HR records, allow employees answer their own HR questions often in two clicks or less. Also it helps keep the staff up-to-date with company policies and fully understand their right and duties.

Mobile App: It enables users to access HITS application through their mobile phones whether either iOS, or Android; and since it’s connected with system database, the information you’ll access is always up-to-date. HITS mobile app allows workers to submit requests for time permission, vacation request, pay slip… and more. It also provides managers with the insights they need to make decisions quickly to increase efficiency and response times when you are on the go.

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