Add-Ons (Culture, Generic, Business Specific)

Misconduct/Penalties Mgmt: Misconduct Management is responsible for tracking and recording facts related to employees’ behavior and attitude to trace to which extent it complies with company’s policy & procedures.

Health and Medical Expenses Management: This Module helps you record employees’ medical records. You can get complete analysis about the employees’ medical expenses as well as the injuries and medical statistics that are required by your company as well as some governmental organizations.

Employees Document Tracking: HITS HR DNA Document Management professionally records and tracks employees’ various kinds of documents. It provides detailed information about employees’ documents, including the expiration dates; so that you can take the necessary action in advance avoiding the problems of late documents renovation. In addition, with HITS HR DNA Document Management you can scan employees’ documents from scanners or attach them from files directly into the system database. Users, moreover; can manage documents for both employees & applicants.

Employees Asset Management: HITS HR DNA Asset Managementis responsible for tracking and recording the employees’ housing units such as; rooms. Also it includes details about Consignment units taken by each employee. Hence this utility an be used in locations where employees are accommodated in staff compounds.

Smart E-Rec (with HITS default theme):E-recruitment entirely automates your recruitment cycle. It enables applicant from anywhere on the web to post theirs CVs and fill application forms on available vacancy that you publish to the internet or without vacancy for your future use. You can select seamlessly any candidate based on enormous parameters and interact with applicant to schedule and records interview until cycle completion. The e-recruitment module establishes the site from your HR standard and foundation based on your job/ position, competencies, qualifications and more.

Organization Dashboard:Visualized Dynamic Organization reports and statistics over Microsoft Power BI, with State-of-the-art graphical interface and online dynamic business parameters with correlation impact interface across different functions. Additionally, It is self-service where you can extend these dashboard details and can be shared with selective peers.

HITS Geo Tracking:

Read from sensor (Mobile with GPS)

 (Other tracking sensors such as beacon, mac address)

On map tracking for all the workers/ employees.

Role based such as (HR, Security, Manager).

The system will report if the employee) goes to restricted area.

See the discrepancy between attendance and location tracking.

Heartbeats feature so that if the employee mobile does not send the location on time intervals the system will alert the admin.

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